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Evening Star Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW

The Evening Star Hotel in Surry Hills is conveniently located near Central station and several bus stops. It has great meals and spectacular deals! Pop in for a beer and join us for a delicious meal from our diner, then enjoy a relaxed game of poker........ Perfect combination!

Evening Star Hotel runs the following events:

Tuesday Night Poker 7:30pm - QueenSix

Location: 360 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

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$1,000 Guaranteed Minimum Prize Sundays!
For each week that State of Origin is televised, there will be no Wednesday game (unless game 3 is a dead rubber).

However, the Sunday following each Origin game will see a $1,000 minimum prize guaranteed at the Queen Victoria Hotel in Enmore, with a 3pm game start time!!!

The game will have a single rebuy structure and still cost just $12 to play!

The first $1,000 game is next Sunday May 29 at 3pm.

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21 May 2011 - 06:10 by James Kruss - QueenSix Sydney Poker (play poker in Sydney) QueenSix Sydney Poker News |

A WHOPPING $23,500 in Cash and Prizes!!!

Marc Nicholls became the QueenSix-Pokermania Champion yesterday, while another poker player, Paul Farmer, is headed for Las Vegas!

96 players turned out at The Pine Inn (Concord) on Saturday to contest Day 1 of the QueenSix - Pokermania Main Event!

$20,000 was contributed by QueenSix and Pokermania, and with an additional $3,500 raised from add-ons, the stage was set for an almighty 2-day battle.

With the average chip stack at around 28,000 after 1hr of play, the tournament got serious though the blinds were just 50/100. By 6:00pm the field had been cut down to 48 players and the day's play was ended with the final blind level at 500/1000. Pokermania did a fantastic job organising a very smooth first day of play, and everyone had a great time and played in the spirit of the game.

Day 2 started at 10:30am on Sunday at the Queen Victoria Hotel in Enmore. The average chip stack started at around 50,000. However, with the blinds starting at just 700/1400, even the short stacks were well and truly alive. The chip leader was James Rowling with a total of 194,300.

Side games, a chip chop, and our regular Sunday 5:00pm tournament kept those who were eliminated in the action, and provided a chance to redeem some pride. The atmosphere was amazing, with many commenting the 2-Day event was by far the best structured and run tournament they had been a part of.

When the field dropped to 11 players, the two tables went hand-for-hand to determine who would be on the unfortunate bubble. As much as 30 minutes passed before the field was reduced to 10.

A tense battle to make final table resulted Charlie Moussa and Nadim Hanna exiting the tournament taking home $500 each.

The stage was set, the blinds were long, and the players took their final table seats. It was noteworthy that three of the final table players had begun on the same table on Day 1 and were now facing off for the cash and prizes.

An "all-in", a call, and first day chip-leader James Rowling became the first final table casualty. The game continued until Jane Howard, who had played some exceptional poker throughout the tournament, had one too many bad-luck hands and was eliminated in 7th place, also taking home $500.

Sometime later, Paul Farmer, who went all-in with ace-queen, which turned into trip queens, was beaten on the river by a runner-runner flush and eliminated in 6th place taking home $800 for his efforts.

Then there were five.

Sen Hax put it all on the line at one point, but you can afford to do that when you have a royal flush!

Mal MacFarlane was then the short stack. He was finally forced to take a punt and was eliminated in 5th place taking home $1,100.

With the remaining stacks relatively even it took some time until Sen Hax pushed all-in for a large number of chips with pocket fives and was called by two over-cards. Hax is considered by many as an excellent player and winning this race could have placed him in an excellent position to complete for the win, but it was not to be and he was eliminated in 4th place taking home $1,300.

With three players left to fight it out, James Zaydenberg (a regular at The Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria) reminded the others of his pledge to give his lucky “K.O.” cap to anyone who could knock him out. He had said this from the start of day 1 and it was clear he was fighting for more than just money and prizes.

Jesse Mason looked the part in his sunnies and had looked very comfortable and composed all day. In a family pot, his all-in bet after the river was called by Zaydenberg, and Marc Nicholls (also a regular at The Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria) was faced with a tough decision. Call the bet and possibly win the tournament right there, or fold and protect his chips.

Perhaps it was the fact that Zaydenberg had put his hat on the line that weighed on Nicholls decision to fold. It proved an important decision as Zaydenberg’s hand was strong and Mason was eliminated in 3rd place taking home $1,800.

The final two, both regulars at the Camelia Grove Hotel, were set to go. Zaydenberg with his lucky hat and Nicholls with his poker face and chip stack.

Just a few hands in, and Nicholls could not believe his luck when dealt pocket queens and got all his chips in. Zaydenberg had ace-king and there was no folding. With a ten and a jack on the flop, Nicholls heart beat must have been racing as Zaydenberg had a gut-shot and an over card. Turn…safe! River…safe!

Two days of play and Marc Nicholls was the QueenSix-Pokermania Champion!

Zaydenberg took home a hat-full of cash ($3,500 to be exact) for second place.

In additional to the beautiful trophy, Nicholls won Zaydenberg’s hat and was also set to go to Vegas. However, Due to work commitments, has informed us that he is unable to go. Due to the nature of the prize, we had made provision in the rules, for a winner who is unable to attend, to receive $6,000, with the $13,000 package then offered to other players, in order of finishing, for less than half of the cost ($6,000 which would then be given to the winner).

This offer was taken up by Paul Farmer, who will now go on to represent QueenSix and Pokermania at the WSOP in Las Vegas!

Congratulations to Marc Nicholls for becoming the QueenSix-Pokermania Champion and to Paul Farmer who will carry our hopes at the World Series of Poker!

A big thank you to the venues, The Pine Inn and The Queen Victoria Hotel, and to Pokermania who as always were highly professional throughout and who without this would not be possible.

Our next Main Event is expected to be for the Aussie Millions. Watch this space!

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3 May 2011 - 08:24 by James Kruss - QueenSix Sydney Poker (play poker in Sydney) QueenSix Sydney Poker News |

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